Cindy Bruce runs a nonprofit tutoring service and remembers constantly struggling to find meeting spots around Grayson. That led her to decide to create her own place where people could meet up and work.

About a year and a half ago Bruce started looking into opening a coffee shop. "My daughter suggested I check out Jittery Joe's in Athens, so my husband and I went over there last summer and spent a good part of the day and meeting with them. I actually grew to love drinking coffee,” Bruce said.

That was the beginning of Grayson Coffee House. Eventually, Bruce connected with Allison Grier and Kerin Fraunfelder through Cannon Church of Snellville, where all three ladies are members. Both Grier and Fraunfelder loved the idea of opening a coffee shop and immediately came onboard.

“I’m truly an advocate of things in three’s, and I think the idea of all of us putting in not just the ideas but these ladies have really come through with the resources and support that was needed to get it to where it is today,” Bruce said. “It’s been a long process, but we’re here and it’s been a great and tiring journey. This is the best hard work I’ve ever done.”

Grayson Coffee House is located in downtown Grayson in a historic house built in the 1940s. Grier said they knew it was the perfect location because it was filled with lots of hidden touches of character. While building, contractors uncovered a fireplace in the front tutoring room, wooden walls through out the main cafe area and an antique mantle now installed around the fireplace.

After two years of planning and hard work, Grayson Coffee House finally opened it’s doors Sept. 19, 2014. Bruce’s tutoring service now meets in the cozy, front room, which has been nicknamed the Tutor Room. Local groups have also started to reserve and utilize the space for meetings, clubs, bible studies, events and the community response has been overwhelmingly positive and welcoming.

The budding business owners said they wanted their shop to be different from a chain coffee store, so it was very important to them to be a part of the community.

The Grayson Coffee House has truly become the gathering place of the community, "Lives are being changed here", as one customer said.

We even have been called the "hub of Grayson", in recognition of the local cycling group, Grayson Cycling Club, which meets here weekly for rides through the community.

Even their logo is local because it was created by students from the graphic design department at Grayson Technical School. “They came up with 15 different ones for us to choose from, and we all three literally agreed on this one, the house, because it’s Grayson Coffee House. It was perfect,” said Grier. “It’s a perfect combination of we get something we need and the student gets a grade and the pride they feel when they pass by and see the sign.”

"The day we opened we didn’t have a drive thru, now we do, and a deck for the community to enjoy." Grier said. “There are many, many things that we still want to do here.”