o you love coffee? Do you need it to start your morning or just love the taste? Do you wait for the beep from the coffee pot or pour a cup before it finishes? I’m excited when I hear the machine come on and start grinding my beans. I can’t always wait I need the cup in my hand before I start any movement in my home. I’m the same way when I come into the coffee house. Before any work is going to get done I go for that coffee. Well, I also work with the wonderful bean that produces such liquid gold.

We have wonderful signs that express the urgency of a cup of coffee. And the market of the saying alone “BUT COFFEE FIRST!” has sky rocked. But when was the last time you just sat and enjoyed your cup of coffee? When was the time you sat and looked out the window and day dreamed about not adulting today? We get so caught up in the everyday, Rise and Grind sort of thought and don’t take the time to just be. When was the last time you sat and said Thank You for this cup of coffee! Even on a Saturday, when was the last time you just sat in bed and sipped on a smooth cup of Joe?

I hope that is what this blog will do for you our Friends! The ones we watch come in and out and grab it on the go, ones that work here till 8pm on a term paper, or the meeting you have with local groups. We want to open this as coffee and conversation sort of speak. We want you to be able to relax and take a sip of a great cup. We want to give you something other than everyday adulting. Somewhere else you can feel free. Thanks for supporting Grayson Coffee House. And we hope to bring you wonderful things on our blog GCH Coffee Break!